Our Doctors

Dr. Sanjay Khandagale

President, Aurangabad Surgical Society

Dr. Sanjay Khandagale has graduated from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Wardha. He did his Masters in Surgery from the same institute and joined St.Lukes Hospital at Shrirampur, where he worked for two years and did different open surgical procedures. He has also worked with Dr Sunil Mapari, Akola, a renowned laproscopic surgeon and gained training in advanced laproscopic surgeries. In 2004 he started the Gajanan Hospital and Laproscopy Centre in Cidco Aurangabad. With great efforts and hardwork he has created a name in the field of laproscopy. He has done fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery in 2009 and fellowship in Indian Association of Gastrointestinal and Endo Surgeons in 2010.

He has special interest in the treatment of chronic and acute abdominal pain patients. These are a group of patients who need to be evaluated thoroughly by different methods like clinical history, clinical examination, sonography, CT scan, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, diagnostic laproscopy and MRI. All these modalities are complimentary to each other and no single test can make a perfect diagnosis of patients of chronic abdominal pain. He has treated many patients from across the country and has actively worked in many associations and was elected as the President of Aurangabad Surgical Society. The first laproscopic varicocele ligation operation in Aurangabad was performed in Gajanan Hospital and Laproscopy Centre by him. He has perfomed laproscopic appendicectomy in patients who had perforated appendicitis with peritonitis and saved these patients from the dreaded laprotomy. He has trained a handful of laprosocopic surgeons himself in the past in Marathwada region.

Dr. Manjusha Bhume


Dr. Manjusha Bhume, GMCH Aurangabad 1991 ,anaesthesiologist in Gajanan Hospital and Laproscopy Centre, Aurangabad. She has special interest in anaesthesia for laproscopy and is the leader of the anesthesia team of Gajanan Hospital which includes Dr. Umesh Jagtap, Dr. Prasad Deshpande, Dr. Arun Khiste, Dr. Dhairyasheel Pawar, Dr. Deepak Ghayal.

She has special interest in various block anaesthesia. She has conducted over 500 cases of laproscopic appendicectomy in spinal anaesthesia without even single mortality or morbidity. Dr. Manjusha is an able administrator and also looks after the administration of Gajanan Hospital and Laproscopy Center. She is also interested in imparting knowledge to the medical students hence holds the post of lecturer in Mahatma Gandhi Mission Hospital Aaurangabad for the last 8 years and has guided many ug and pg students. She is also interested in publication of many scientific papers and articles. In future her plan is to start a Aurangabad Laproscopic Anaesthesia Journal, and take the city to new heights.